• noun a sudden strong and unreflective urge to act. [1]

impulse.co.uk provides training and coaching services to both individuals and organisations.

Training services include communication skills, soft skills and a range of self-help skills that improve our ability to communicate and interact with each other. Courses can be tailored to suit specific needs and delivered on-site for 2-20 people.

Coaching services offer an opportunity for individual one-to-one attention, either via telephone or by meeting face-to-face. For anyone who is stuck with a problem or issue (or who is not making the rate of progress they desire), coaching can be a very effective tool to open up other options and create new choices.

Outstanding quality, customer satisfaction and the pursuit of excellence are of the utmost importance. That is probably why many people come back time and time again and are happy to recommend impulse.co.uk to their friends and colleagues.

Thank you everyone and see you again soon.

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