What is Coaching?

Coaching is assisting a person (or group of people) to reach a specific destination or goal. A coach was originally a four wheeled carriage pulled by horses. It was a means of getting someone from A to B (often with a certain level of comfort and style).

Life coaching is a relatively recent term and refers to assisting a person to overcome problems or difficulties, or to find new options or actions in order for them to reach a specific destination or goal.

People make use of life coaching for any of three main reasons:

It is important to understand that a life coach will not normally perform any actions on behalf of their client. Instead, they will focus on asking key questions to help the client unlock their inner potential.

In this way, it is possible to uncover choices which were not previously considered and this can lead to a very different set of results.

In general, the coaching process goes like this:

  1. Building rapport and getting to know the client.
  2. Information gathering regarding the issue/obstacle/results with which the client wants help.
  3. Asking key questions to determine where the client wants to go, in effect setting the destination for the coaching journey.
  4. Through a process of coaching questions (sometimes highly creative and unexpected), the client is able to find new insights and to explore new possibilities.
  5. Action steps are identified which the client can take next to move forward on their own.
  6. The coach will usually ask the client to imagine stepping into the future, to give the client the experience of what it might be like living with their new results.

Some coaches like to follow up with their clients at some future point, to verify whether everything worked out as expected.

Choosing a Life Coach

By far the best way to choose a life coach is to have a personal recommendation from someone you already know. If they tell you that they have experienced excellent results from a particular coach, their recommendation is as good as their word. If you trust this person, you can trust that they got a good result from their coach and the chances are you will too.

Many will not want to admit that they have had coaching, so if you don't know anyone who will confess to knowing a good life coach, don't be too surprised. It might mean that they know someone, but are shy about admitting that they needed help.

If you can't get any personal recommendations, here are a few tips regarding what to look for (and what to avoid) when choosing a coach for yourself:

Coaching with

Coaching by telephone is currently the most popular option, or alternatively you can arrange for a face-to-face meeting (although because of additional travel time and expenses, this costs a little more). mission statement

  1. To continually strive for excellence by providing high quality attention and by focussing on achieving outstanding results.
  2. To hold each person in high regard, for their own individual strengths and talents, for the fact that everyone makes the best decisions they can (based upon the choices available to them at the time) and because everyone has virtually unlimited potential within themselves.
  3. To help and encourage individuals develop and prosper, so that they may enjoy life more and achieve their dreams. To lead everyone towards a happier, more fulfilling life, by helping them to unlock their own inner potential.
  4. To do whatever it takes to achieve the above, to go boldy into the unknown in order to discover new horizons.

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